HIPAA Training – Free Demo

From HIPAAClickAndComply.com:

HIPAA compliance is a great challenge to health organizations. Our HIPAA compliance training software can make this a manageable task. The HIPAA Privacy Rule applies to any organization that handles protected health information. HIPAA requires mandatory training. The consequences for non-compliance include civil and criminal penalties.

Basic Privacy Awareness Training – This primer course teaches the general HIPAA privacy requirements. It provides useful context for almost anyone in your organization even if they do not directly work with health information. But it is also a prerequisite to our other courses.

Policies and Procedures Training – This course is designed to meet the HIPAA Federal rule (ยง164.530(b1)) that your organization “…train all members of its workforce on the policies and procedures with respect to protected health information…appropriate…to carry out their function”. Anyone who comes in contact with patient health information should take this course, which gives workers a thorough understanding about how to protect patients’ privacy and rights. Basic Awareness Training, which is included at no extra charge, must be successfully completed before starting the Policies and Procedures Training.

Privacy Officer Training – This course covers the HIPAA details not covered in the two prerequisite courses above (which are included at no extra charge) that a Privacy Officer should know. Organizations like yours must appoint at least one Privacy Officer to perform the duties that are detailed in this training.

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