SC Magazine – Biometrics get the thumbs up

The need to properly secure protected patient data means that we’ll be seeing a lot more about bioinformatics as we move forward.

SC Magazine

The appeal of biometrics is growing, as more and more organizations are noting the many benefits it offers. Illena Armstrong explains why trends are now changing

Cost-savings, convenience and security benefits, along with the need to abide by legislation such as HIPAA, GLBA and Sarbanes Oxley are spurring a range of organizations to consider deploying biometric defenses to their systems.

Mehl says calls to the company helpdesk have dropped dramatically, and the system is more secure, convenient and easier to audit. “We went through all the different authentication schemes. We looked at smartcards and tokens, we looked at certificates, we thought about dual user names and passwords and then we thought of biometrics,” he says. “We ended up not going with smartcards, tokens, certificates or dual passwords because they all have one thing in common — they do not authenticate who is using it. They authenticate the password, or that they have the token.”

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