PRESS RELEASE: $99 HIPAA Compliance Automated Software Product Introduced by 3DGrid

Looks like there is a free trial download for this product. Might be worth checking out if you’re a small operation in need of a low-cost solution. We haven’t tried this or evaluated it, so this is just a heads-up — another company advertising solutions for HIPAA compliance, this time with potentially a pretty reasonable price tag.

PRESS RELEASE: $99 HIPAA Compliance Automated Software Product Introduced by 3DGrid

$99 HIPAA Compliance Automated Software Product Introduced by 3DGrid

HIPAA Checkup Essentials — Low Cost product created by the leading HIPAA compliance solution provider for small and medium sized practices.

SEATTLE (PRWEB) October 18, 2004 — 3DGrid, Inc., the leading provider of HIPAA compliance solutions for small and medium sized healthcare practices, today announced the launch of HIPAA Checkup Essentials, a tool that provides essential HIPAA compliance resources for $99.

The tool is a sophisticated primer designed to help practices begin to meet their HIPAA Security compliance requirements. HIPAA Checkup Essentials is designed for practices that are unsure of how much or how little they might need to do for the forthcoming HIPAA Security Rule, but are willing to do some of the basics to get started. The product can be upgraded to the full HIPAA Checkup Suite with minimal effort and cost.

“We built HIPAA Checkup Essentials for the small practice that is unsure of its obligation under the HIPAA Security Rule, but wants to make sure to cover the basics. If the practice comes to understand the value of a fully automated compliance solution, we will upgrade them to the HIPAA Checkup Suite in a seamless fashion.” said Tobin Arthur President and CEO of 3DGrid.

HIPAA Checkup Essentials is now the premier HIPAA compliance product on the market under $100. The product was developed in response to requests by some practices that just wanted the essential form and policy templates needed to get their HIPAA documentation underway.

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3DGrid Healthcare Solutions is a Seattle-based software development firm dedicated to cost-effectively delivering Fortune 500-quality technologies to the small and medium sized healthcare practice environment. The 3DGrid team is focused on reducing practice risk while giving providers more time %u2026 time to generate more revenue or time to live life to the fullest. HIPAA Checkup does this by helping doctors and administrators of small to medium sized practices achieve compliance quickly, with relative ease and minimal expense. For more information, please contact 3DGrid at telephone 866-3DGrid-1 or visit us online at

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