Patient Sues Healthcare System Over Ad Containing PHI

Interesting case where a doctor holding a file in an advertisement was actually holding a real live patient’s file. Stupidity like this can only be rewarded by fat lawsuit the patient has filed against the hospital system.

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A Cumberland County, PA, woman is suing a major midstate hospital system, claiming it publicly broadcast her personal and patient information in an advertisement two years ago for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, reports the Patriot-News. Donna Vozenilek claims a medical file the doctor holds in the ad is hers and that PinnacleHealth System violated HIPAA by displaying her file without her permission. She claims those who saw the ad could clearly discern her name, Social Security number and birth date, and learn that she had undergone a mammogram. Vozenilek contends Pinnacle officials continued to run the ad even after she demanded verbally and in writing that it be pulled.

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