Doctors and Email

From the Chicago Tribune:

“Despite advancing technology, medical practices have proven remarkably resistant to embracing e-mail as a tool to correspond with patients.”

Jeff of the other HIPAA Blog says:

It makes some sense, since doctors may be slightly more resistant than other professionals to any change from the way they’ve done things in the past (if their patients have lived with what they did to them previously, why risk that success?), but it’s also counterintuitive in that doctors tend to be technology-adapters. Perhaps physicians like technology when they can use it on their side of the patient-encounter fence, but don’t like anything that messes with that fence.

Doctors and email do seem like a dangerous combination… but only due to the fear of lawsuits.

I can envision a day when doctors use email as much as CEOs. Remember reading some of those Bill Gates email memos during the Microsoft trial days? We’d probably also get a glimpse into the ’email lives’ of doctors if they started using email en masse with patients.

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