More HIPAA Violations & Private Data Theft News

Techweb reports:

Enforcement of the security regulations–like earlier HIPAA rules for privacy–will be complaint-driven, he says. Since the HIPAA privacy regulations, which identify what personal health information needs to be protected, took effect two years ago this month, there have been nearly 11,000 complaints filed to the federal government by patients and others. As of January, about 62% of those privacy-violation complaints had been resolved, according to CMS. The others are still being processed or have been turned over to the Justice Department for criminal investigation.

Interesting survey stats:

A survey conducted earlier this year by Privacy and American Business and Harris Interactive showed that 70% of Americans are concerned that their personal health information could be disclosed because of weak data security, and 69% think electronic health records could result in the sharing of their health information without their knowledge. Sixty-five percent think patients will withhold information from doctors because of those concerns.

Some background on HIPAA, and Bush’s goals for electronic medical records:

HIPAA, which was passed by Congress in 1996, was written before the more recent federal push to have the health industry replace paper-based patient files with digital records. The Bush administration last year set a goal for most Americans to have electronic health records by 2014. The government estimates that billions of dollars can be saved annually in the United States by widespread IT deployments that can help reduce medical errors, costs, and waste.

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