HIPAA Compliance 2005 Forum in Nashville

This is probably more of a local interest, as it’ll be located in Nashville, but to whomever it may concern, I found this press release today, announcing that a HIPAA compliance forum would be held in nashville on November 14th and 15th:

The NYU Medical center is part of a “23% minority of healthcare organizations that are fully compliant today,” (source: American Health Information Management Association).

Integrating new security and compliance standards into a long-established system, which prioritizes patient-care, is a complex and challenging task for many in the healthcare industry. For this reason the Strategic Research Institute assembled a group of healthcare experts who will discuss just that, how to deploy effective security strategies that can safeguard data without undermining the organization’s commitment to healthcare urgency and data integrity:

HIPAA Compliance 2005: New Strategies That Safeguard Data
November 14-15, 2005
Loews Vanderbilt Hotel
Nashville, Tennessee

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