Good Enough For A Car, Good Enough For You?

Massachusetts like many other places are in bind when it comes to health care. This progress state has come up with a “solution” and it is a mind bender. How do they plan on making a fix? Simple, they are going to tell you that you MUST have health care or face fines. That’s about right. Because if you didn’t have the money yesterday for your health telling you to get it might make you richer tomorrow?

The plan goes into effect by July 2007.

* People who can afford private insurance and don’t buy it would ultimately face fines equal to half the cost of the cheapest policy the state thinks they should have bought. That might be as much as $1,200 a year.

* Companies with more than 10 employees would have to provide health insurance or pay the state $295 a year per employee.

* Individuals and businesses with 50 or fewer employees could buy insurance with pre-tax dollars, saving them as much as 25 percent.

* Insurance companies would be given “incentives” to offer stripped-down plans at lower cost.

* Low-cost basic plans would be available to people age 19 to 26.

* People who earn less than the federal poverty threshold would be able to “purchase subsidized policies that have no premiums,” as the Washington Post put it, but would face co-payments for some services, including emergency room visits.

* People who earn no more than three times the poverty threshold would buy “subsidized policies” with premiums based on ability to pay. Their children would be eligible for free coverage under Medicaid.

The idea for this plan is that people are required to have insurance for their cars, so they should be required to have health insurance. I do¬†understand what they are saying. However if you choose not to own a car you don’t need car insurance. There is no way around this proposed plan and they overlook the fact that many just can’t afford it.

People are not deciding to pass up on health care because it’s a fun thing to do. The other parts of the plan that would give subsidized and lower cost plans to the lower income homes is a great idea though. Still depends on whether they can cover the cost.

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