Red Flags For New AIDS Proposal

New York City Health Commissioner Thomas Frieden has put out an AIDS proposal that is raising red flags and angering some. The proposal would allow health officials to look through private patient files. They would also no longer need written consent from a patient to test them for HIV or give counseling to someone who has tested negative. The proposal would also allow officials to keep track of AIDS and HIV patients.

“Given the availability of drugs that can effectively treat HIV infection and progress on anti-discrimination initiatives, perhaps society is ready to adopt traditional disease-control principles and proven interventions,” Frieden wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine. “We do need to make HIV testing more of a routine part of medical care. ”

Local health officials would be given the power to examine private patient files and see what they have been up to. For example if they saw that someone has stopped taking their medication they can call their doctor or even the patient directly.

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