Health Care Compliance Is Seriously Lagging Behind

All of health care was supposed to be following an HIPAA law passed in 1996. The deadline was 2003 and yet in 2006 only 80% of health care is doing what they are supposed to. Even worse, the numbers were the same in 2005 which means that many can’t or won’t make the changes.

Meanwhile, as of April 21, another wave of companies will have the chance to be noncompliant, as the deadline passes for companies with less than $5 million in revenue to meet HIPAA Security standards.

It’s not that health care companies find privacy and security technology hard to manage, said William “Buddy” Gillespie, vice president and CIO at WellSpan Health, which includes two hospitals; a home health care provider; a pharmacy; and about 40 physicians’ offices, managed care plans and other outpatient treatment facilities in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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