Siemens Enhances Wireless LAN for Regulatory Compliance

Wireless LAN’s are convenient and allows for portablity. However they are very dangerous when it comes to security because even with a password, some technical individuals can still break their way through the encryption.

Siemens Communications Inc. has announced today that they have released a modular extention called HiPath Wireless Manager Advanced (HWMA) that will improve wireless security with intrusion detection and prevention.

“The Siemens HiPath Wireless Manager Advanced platform helps enterprises improve network efficiencies, prevent network attacks and respond to security challenges,” said Stefan Miesbach, CEO of the HiPath Wireless Division at Siemens. “The HWMA solution is also an important part of Siemens’ vision to make enterprise mobility easy – including enterprise data networking as well as the emerging need for unified on-the-go communication across all mobile and vertical business applications.”

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