Identity Theft: One Million Dollar Liability

In one of the worst cases of identity theft that I have heard so far, a woman named Audra Schmierer was a stay at home mom for six years and now that her little boy is ready for school she is ready to get back to work.

After applying to a temp agency she was called back hours later to have the agency tell her that she already applied. When she went to apply to a tech company they told her that she already works there.

She went on to give the employers her driver’s license, passport, social security card, birth certificate and everything else needed to prove her identity only to be asked the question; “How can we be sure you are who you say you are? The other people can have the same documents to prove that they are Audra Schmierer.

That is a good point. A good forger can do just about anything and unfortunately we live and die by the social security number.

Mrs. Schmierer has learned that more than 200 illegal aliens all over the United States are getting jobs using her social security number.

A year ago she recieved a bill from the IRS they wanted $15, 813 in back taxes from her, because someone in Texas using her social was not nice enough to pay their taxes so she was left holding the bag, so to speak. I said Texas, yet Audra lives in California and yet she still can’t get help from the government considering she lives in one place yet has the superhuman ability to work in a dozen states all at once.

After tracking down the illegal immigrant in Texas via the fakeĀ  tax return, the MAN, yes man, told her he bought her information including social and green card from a flea market of all places.

This woman’s life is a nightmare right now. Not only was she detained by custom officials when she came back from a business trip with her husband, but she was also given another bill by the IRS, for $1 Million Dollars. As if that isn’t enough, after working 14 years of her life, her social security account sits at a $0 balance, so she has nothing to fall back on once she retires.

In the recent months she spends her days trying to get help and fix this problem but IRS sends her to Social Security and they send her right back to the IRS, so it’s an endless loop, add to that she has contacted more than 35 employers but they pretty much won’t do anything even though they are now aware of the crimes their so called employees have commited because illegal alien equals cheap labor.

The only good thing so far in the last year is that the IRS have cancelled her $1 million bill. Although she can’t exactly jump up and down considering that it wasn’t her tab to begin with.

Senators have proven they could give a crap when John Ensign brought her case to them and yet they still approved giving benefits to illegal aliens using stolen identities.

I feel very bad for Audra Schmierer, she is living in a “free country” which apparently means it’s also free to commit the felony act of stealing identities and getting away with it, while the victim suffers. She cannot dare to go and buy a house, and even getting a job would a tough task at the moment and well into the future. Our lives revolve around files that the government, businesses and credit companies keep on us and hers is full of black marks right now, through no fault of her own.

All I can say is good luck and hopefully her story being on CNN will get someone big in her corner, otherwise she is well on her own.

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