The Lesser Known Medical Identity Theft

Identity theft happens every day and it is getting more abundant by the minute. But there is another identity theft that is little known and hardly talked about and you can lose more than your money, you can also lose your life.

Medical identity theft is being commited throughout hospitals as we speak and what these criminals do is use your information the way they would for anything else. They run up massive hospital bills at multiple hospitals and medical centers.

The worst part is that under your name and social security number is their medical history, so you can be in a car accident be taken to the hospital and get injected with medication that you are deathly allergic too because it was not in their/your file.

Another problem is that there is no clear way to resolve the issue or even demand that your medical history be corrected. There are no laws and the medical community is under no liability to make sure that your info is changed.

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