Here We Go Again

In Ohio, University officials have reportedly suspended two technology workers after hackers broke into school computers (for the fifth or sixth time) and stole more than 170,000 social security numbers.

This includes students and faculty alone and there have been almost 20 complaints of identity theft in recent months by both groups as well.

This is getting so out of hand. Either someone isn’t doing their jobs right in business and schools or software protection is way behind these hackers. It seems that every few days another report comes of tens or hundred thousands of personal information being stolen from one place.

The other thing could be that someone on the inside did at least a few of these but that doesn’t explain them all. I would be afraid to have my personal information anywhere, but due to the fact that you can go a company today and they can sell your information to 1,000 different people tomorrow there isn’t much hope of that happening.

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