Worried About HIPAA Privacy?

While some are up in arms about the whole Rush Limbaugh Viagra privacy debacle, I am more interested in all the thefts that been going on. It seems to be a recurring story week after week.

Only recently the Federal Trade Commission had their own breach, which was due to someone stealing a laptop from an employees vehicle. A lot of these problems seem to be happening because employees have laptops and private files with millions of data on hundreds of thousands of people and no one is doing a thing about it.

I really would have thought that companies would take a look at what’s happening and start changing the way information is handled when it comes to employees taking it with them.

I would take a large guess that until some of the information stolen belongs to a celebrity or someone in Congress, not a damn thing is going to be done. If you are one of the people affected I guess they will sing you the tune of too bad, so sad.

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