Shy Bladder Syndrome

Funny name, but their is nothing funny about this medical condition to the ones that have it. Shy bladder or bashful bladder syndrome is a mental condition more than physical really. Someone with this disorder is unable to urinate if someone is in close proximity. That means that they can’t use a public restroom especially if it has a number of stalls and are occupied.

Vicki White has this problem and has only discovered that it not only has a name but that more than 10 million people suffer from it. Men and women alike, young and old and it can even be passed on to your children.

Ms. White needed to giveĀ a urine drug test but was unable to do so because she could not use the bathroom even after downing a few bottles of water. She called the bank where she was trying to get hired but they informed her that they were taking back her job offer and like that she’s back at square one.

People shouldn’t have to deal with this when applying for a jobs, not in a time when saliva, blood, hair and even sweat can be and is used in some places instead of urine tests. Even for people who don’t suffer this problem it is a bit of an embarressment to walk around with a cup of your pee which is of course always in a clear jar.

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