Cousin Stole Millions and Patient Records

In a case of two people who will be going away for a LONG time, police say two cousins stole more than 1,100 personal information from patients and then used them in a crime trilogy.

After stealing the records, the pair proceeded to commit identity theft, and managed to bill more than $2.8 million dollars in medicare scams.

Isis Machado worked at Weston Clinic and she was the one who printed out social security numbers, birthdays, addresses and other personal info that would allow them to pull this off. Her cousin Fernando Ferrer Jr who owns Advanced Medical Claims then used the information to file tons of fraudulent claims.

I have to question the logic of these two. How on earth did they think to get away with this without anyone knowing. Now they will be paying back $2.8+ million dollars and they will be locked up for a while.

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