Dispose of Sensitive Information Carefully

From the title one could assume that I’m talking to the average person. After all, millions of people throw away old passports, ids, checkbooks, credit card applications and other information that could allow a thief to steal their identity. But believe it or not I’m talking about large companies and hospitals, people and places that should have more sense than to leave your private records in a box outside for anyone to walk off with.

Recent news reports that sensitive medical records were placed in plain sight within a recycling Dumpster in Utah County are disturbing, but not terribly unique.
According to a recent story on medical privacy in the Grand Rapids Press, several reports have been made nationwide of patient information being carelessly thrown in places where people easily could grab Social Security numbers and other sensitive data. The nation’s three largest drugstore chains, Walgreens, CVS Corp. and Rite Aid, are planning to revisit the way they handle such information, the paper said.

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