It seems like every time myself or my kids go to the doctor there are HIPPA forms that have to be signed! I just do not get it. I usually just sign them and not read what the forms say….Until 2 days ago I took my daughter to an appointment and the receptionist told me I would need to sign the HIPPA form. I was like uggghhh AGAIN!! I decided sit down this time and really read it.

I understood the first paragraph no problem and then all of a sudden the form went into all this legal/medical mumbo jumbo. It is ridiculous. The paragraphs were repetitive also. I asked the receptionisht what it all meant. She basically said it’s for your rights and your privacy. I just can’t believe how confusing the government and or the medical field makes the wording of the form. It makes ya wonder what all of it really means. Has there been a time when peoples medical information has been given out without authorization… Hopefully soon there will be an easier to understand HIPPA form!

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