We all need health insurance

In America, the medical bills from hospital can be astronomical. You can’t barely or won’t be able to afford it if you don’t have a reliable insurance to back you up. Everyone of us might get sick in a while, whether it is spring time or winter time. Sometimes, we just might get sick. That’s why we need check up annually with the support of health insurance. Due to the fact that medical insurance price in rising. We, as U.S. citizen, is paying our insurance with every hard – earning pennies.

In a speech from our president Barrack Obama, he once again emphasized that importance of health insurance for all of our American citizens. We need it to well – protect our health. We need it to regularly check up our bodies. From the studies of recent statistics revealed that, less and less Americans have health insurance. It is relevant to the economic atmosphere, and other factors. There is might be a need for government to provide health benefits for all of us.

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