Should our government giving out free insurance?

I meant would it be a better way to follow the European political style, giving its citizens free insurance, instead they bought the insurance on their own. Since there are a large number of citizens either can’t afford a health insurance, or they rather save that money, because they see that health insurance won’t be necessary in the moment.

In Europe, government intends to impose heavy tax duty on every individuals. They almost need to submit 30% or more taxes to the government agencies. Partial of these money must used for health insurance for its citizens. Some said that if you need ambulance in Europe, it is free of charge. If you need get medication from the hospital. It is free also. Except some surgery, you must pay at least 20% to fully cover.

In states, you either purchase a health insurance yourself, that is the most expensive way. Or you can get one from your employer if he/she carries some health insurance programs. It is the cheapest way to do so. Now the question is should we or should we not follow the European style?

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