Health Card

Its an advantage for everybody to have a health card.Because in case of emergency you can run to the hospital even if you dont have a cash on hand at that time.But it depends what the health card can offer,In my case our company provided us a health card a MAXICARE.With this health card you will just present it when your going to have a check up,or tooth retraction or cleaning,warts removal,if your on going chemo therepy,accidents,annual physcical examination,etc. One thing is that you have to check first all the accredited hospitals and clinic near your place so trhat its easy for you to go in case of emergency.Our health card is diducted to our monthly salary.At first,my co employee reacted on this because the price of the card is so expensive,but the benifits of the health card is very useful because no one knows when your going to use it most specially in case of emergency.No worries,no husstle,just present your health card everytime you’re going to have a check up or something to be midicated.

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