Is your medical records ever really safe?

There are so many rules that involve HIPPA. Whether you go to a doctor’s office, a hospital or in the medical facility you are given a HIPPA form that states how your medical records are confidential. Ever sense HIPPA was established. I have always wondered how safe my medical records are. Recently, I watched Michael Jackson’s doctor state the disease that he was diagnosed with on national television.

I have read up on HIPPA and from the information that I have received HIPPA is supposed to be enforced whether you are alive or deceased. If this is a fact how can doctors or any medical staff speak about your medical condition without your consent? Obviously, he could not have given his consent knowing that he is no longer with us. This brings up huge red flags for me.

For someone who has severe medical conditions. I have always wondered what if I went into a doctors office and knew the person behind the front desk or the nurse. And one night, that person is speaking to someone else in a related medical issue comes up with someone they know. Will that person forget for a second that my medical is confidential?

For the most part, I believe HIPPA is a good program that does try to keep your records confidential. Still, as we have seen with the Michael Jackson situation there a kinks that need to be sorted out.

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