Heartworms and Dog Health Insurance – It’s Important for Dog Owners to Know

Dog heartworm is one of the commonest diseases found in dogs and cats throughout the United States. As the name very well suggests the disease involves the heart of the dog. The parasites called “heart worms” cripple the heart of the dog until it ceases functioning. And one day the dog may simply die without any warning. This disease can literally worsen to such an extent.

The most disturbing aspect of this disease is that the dog does not show much of the symptoms until it reaches to the last stages. This means that it is possible that your dog might be suffering severely from this disease without you knowing anything about it. So the best way to find it out is to take your dog for all the scheduled monthly checkups. The vet can easily check about the presence of heartworms by performing some simple blood tests. All these checkups and test can cost you a fortune hence, it becomes important for you to buy dog health insurance to cope up with huge amount of bills.

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