How important is pet health insurance if your dog has heartworm

Heartworms are basically capable of doing a lot of damage hence it becomes important for you to be aware of the dangers associated with heartworm infestation and to take all the necessary preventive measures. You also require pet insurance to deal with the expeditures associated with this dangerous disease.

Heartworms are medically known as “Dirofilaria immitis” and normally float around the blood vessels of the heart’s right ventricle. These parasites start their active life in the form of larva inside the mosquito. The mosquito is in fact both the host as well as the carrier of this parasite. The mosquito sucks the infected blood from a diseased dog and then injects the infected blood in your healthy dog. Once the larvae enter the body of your dog, they enter the blood vessels and reach to the heart’s right side with the help of blood movement.

These worms anchor themselves in the heart and start growing and multiplying.

The treatment of this disease entirely depends on the present stage of your dog. Preventive medication of heartworm disease is widely available. It is a little expensive but as a responsible dog owner you must give it to your dog as per the veterinarian’s recommendation. Usually the dose is increased during the mosquito season. It is always better not to miss regular checkups in order to keep your dog safe and healthy.

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